What are early warning signs of dyslexia

                                        The early warning signs of dyslexia can start as early as in preschool and continue to develop, worsening as children enterhigh school, as explained by Understood. Also, the signs do not necessarily have to do with reading. Accordingly, it is important to be wary of the warning signs at home and at school.

In preschool aged children, early warning signs include delayed language skills, inability to assign the right word to items, having difficulty breaking down words and only understanding portions of long commands, according to Understood. At home, a child might speak like a much younger child, get items confused, have trouble with rhymes and experience difficulty understanding commands. At school, it means a child can be withdrawn, struggle with learning and be seen as a rule breaker.

Children in grade school to high school exhibit the same signs of dyslexia that continue to progress over time without treatment. The signs include the inability to break down words, difficulty with understanding long sentences or passages, and poor reading comprehension as well as problems with all other forms of communication. These issues also lead to poor social and spatial skills. At home, these signs look appear as disinterest in learning, while at school, students struggle with reading, writing and speaking.

Dyslexia - Signs and Symptoms