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Dyslexia: When the Thinking Is Straight But the Words Aren't

Episode Description: Rachelle Schmitz, MA, CCC-SLP, CALP, a speech-language pathologist at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and vice president of the International Dyslexia Association - Kentucky Branch, and Lois Combs Weinberg, founder of the Hindman Settlement School Dyslexia Program, International Dyslexia Association board member - Kentucky Branch, and executive director of the Institute for Dyslexia Education in Appalachia (IDEA), discuss dyslexia.

26:30 | #1114 | First Aired: January 10, 2016


Teach to Lead, organized by the U.S. Department of Education, encourages teachers across the nation to play a more central role in the transformation of teaching and learning and in developing policies that affect education. Teams of teachers propose projects to be designed at the summit and then implemented in their school, district, and/or state. Projects range from student centered learning, to professional learning initiatives, to student advocacy projects.  Recently, a team of four educators and a liaison from the Kentucky Department of Education was fortunate enough to attend a Teach to Lead Summit in Long Beach, California.  Team members consisted of Allison Slone; Hope Street Group Kentucky State Teacher Fellow, KDE Dyslexia Task Force member and our Teach to Lead Team Leader, Sarah Reed; KTOY 2015, Robin Burr; National Math and Science Initiative Award Winner, Kayla Steltenkamp; higher education instructor and KDE Dyslexia Task Force member and Traci Branstutter; KDE liaison.  Read More Here.......

Kentucky’s Call to Action

As of May 23, 2016….

Dr. Pruitt, the Kentucky Commissioner of Education, named a Dyslexia Task Force to develop and report findings and recommendations to him by May 31, 2017. Jeanna Mullins, University of Kentucky, will serve as the facilitator to guide the work of the group as follows:


 survey the national landscape by reviewing the most current national data and research on dyslexia;

 conduct an environmental scan to determine implications for policy and programming;

 review current policies and practices being implemented across the Commonwealth and other states for screening, identifying and instructing students with dyslexia;

 examine and analyze state level intervention data and current practices for educating students with dyslexia; and

 develop recommendations to the Commissioner of Education on policy, personnel, and the instructional and fiscal resources needed to support the implementation of the methodologies for identifying and serving students with dyslexia.

KYREADS Live Series

A series of Facebook Live videos by the Team Members explaining more about what KYREADS is working toward, updates on projects, upcoming resources and meetings, and what you can do to help.  Click Here for All Videos in this Series.

KYEDPOLICY is your one stop shop for all 2017 Kentucky education legislation. This link will provide you with the most updated information.

Kentucky Legislature Bill HB307

      AN ACT relating to implementation of screening and interventions to improve student learning.

      Amend KRS 158.305 to revise the definition of "dyslexia"; define "qualified screening tool"; require each school district to develop a policy related to its response-to-intervention system; require teacher preparation programs to include dyslexia and response-to-intervention components; require professional development for teachers on dyslexia and response-to-intervention components; require the Department of Education to establish a list of qualified screening tools; require school districts to administer a qualified screening tool to students at least once per year; describe the action to be taken by schools when a student shows characteristics of dyslexia; require the Department of Education to develop dyslexia resources for teachers.

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